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Sevanagala Nenasala - Addressing the Job Requirements of the Sri Lankan youths through digital medias .

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Addressing the Job Requirements of the Sri Lankan youths through digital medias .

·         Posted by Udugama Mahagamage Bimal Prasad on February 27, 2013 at 10:42pm
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Is an online job bank operated in all over Sri Lanka which is aimed to connect rural youths and the organizations in urban areas through the digital media. This project is operated with an eye to serving the remote youths in finding their livelihood free of charge using their native language as the language is a barrier to reach to the modern technology for the remote youths. Under this project rural youths can find their job opportunities through TeleCenters available in the country covering all the rural areas. Upon that the usage of Telecenters is increased drastically as this is the only way for finding a job opportunity for any age , educational level persons without facing communication barriers available in other technological sources.
The job bank site is operated under two main areas.
  1. Job Opportunities available in public sector . (English /Sinhala medium )
  2. Job Opportunities available in private sector.  (English / Sinhala medium)

 The way of serving the job seekers and the organizations.
  1. Through the website both Sinhala (native language) and English language users can find job opportunities available in the country for the youths unemployed.
  2. About 4000-5000 job seekers are visiting the site daily and benefited from the site.
  3. Regarding job offers, the well recognized organizations can publish their job advertisements through the web site and find the suitable candidates for the vacancies available with them.
  4. As well as they can get the registered CV s with the site as well as information from the database available with the job bank of job seekers.
  5. Other than this, Mass job campaigns are carried out in all districts in Sri Lanka for connecting the job seekers of age limit 17-48 and in all educational levels .The reputed companies are conducting interviews for the potential job seekers. The employment opportunities are offered to the job seekers within 10 days. These mass job campaigns are organized to address the need of the organizations who need a large number of employees at once to reach their production targets. Upon this way the productivity of the developing country like Sri Lanka is increased and that will directly help to uplift the living standards of the citizens.
  6. We hope to employ about 50 youths in each divisional secretariat per a month and offer employment opportunities for about 1000 youths per a month covering more than 20 divisional secretariat areas per a month. Under this project 1000 families are taken out from the poverty level to the standard living condition of the country and this service is reached to them without causing any cost for them.
  7. While the mass job campaigns are going on, a career guidance programme is going on to educate the rural youths about the prevailing qualification standards for the job seekers as well as the available job opportunities of the country.

 The way of serving the Telecentre organizations.
  1. Usage of Telecenters is increased as this site is addressing the needs of the rural youths in all educational levels as well as in all age levels.
  2. Telecenters can contact the job bank and send their job seekers requests to the job bank using digital medias and their requests are addressed by the job bank.
  3. Telecenters can download the job applications of government sector while acknowledging the rural community about the opportunities available in the country.

 Advantages of the web site.
  1. The only web site available in the country which uses the native language as well as the international language.
  2. The only site which is addressing the needs of the labor level as well as executive level job seekers.
  3. This is the site which is available public sector as well as private sector job opportunities at a single site.
  4. The web site which reach to a large number of general public at once and when their job requirements are met ,take steps to fulfill them using the digital means of connecting job offers and job seekers in a developing country which has so many rural remote areas which are not having access to the urban areas.
Nenasala Team Wishing you all the best & Good Luck ... !

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