Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sri Lanka to host UN based World Summit Award

Sri Lanka will be the venue of the  world-renowned e-content awards, WSA this year, WSA Chairman Dr. Peter Bruck announced in Abu Dhabi.    
“The Winners’ events and experts’ conference will be hosted by Sri Lanka in October 2013 and I want to thank the Government of Sri Lanka and particularly ICTA the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka for hosting us in Colombo.  WSA has a network of 164 UN member States and is clearly one of the most successful multi-stakeholder activities in the UN WSIS process,” Dr. Peter Bruck  said at the WSA Mobile Content Awards event held  in the  Middle-East recently.
The WSA Winners' Celebrations and the Gala bring WSA winners together with international leaders, innovators, creators, designers, entrepreneurs and activists  involved in the international e-Content and ICT industries. The Gala attracts high-level guests from all over the world, including Heads of States and government representatives, executives from UN agencies and private sector leaders. These will personally hand over the award trophies to the winners of the Global e-Content contest.
“I consider the WSA initiative to be highly important because it presents and supports the highest quality in e-Content production in the world and it fits with the priority focus of developing countries on the creative use of ICTs for the  development and the future of the  information society”, ICTA CEO Reshan Dewapura said at the WSA Mobile Award Event in Abu Dhabi.
“The winners’ conference cum exhibition is an excellent  international showcase of the diversity and creativity of Sri Lanka’s e-Content,” he added.
Caption ( WSA Announcement photo)
The Director of Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre, ICTA  CEO Reshan Dewapura and WSA Chairman Dr. Peter Bruck at the recent WSA Mobile Content Award event in Abu Dhabi where the announcement of Sri Lanka hosting the WSA Gala in October 2013 was announced.
This article is carried in Daily FT of 12th February 2013.

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