Tuesday, May 22, 2012

South Asian Confab draws world’s top mobile experts to Colombo

Participants in the third South Asian Mobile Conference to be held on 30th next month will enjoy a rare chance in valuable interaction with world’s top experts on the mobile. 
According to ICTA, the hosting organization of the conference, says that foremost among the speakers scheduled to address the Conference are Tomi Ahonen, Ralph Simon and Hassan Shahid.  
Tomi Ahonen - Author, Consultant and Motivational Speaker - is the most published author on books about mobile. The former Nokia executive has released as much as twelve books on mobile topics. Earlier this year Forbes, in their story featuring the Top 10 Power Influencers in Mobile around the world rated Tomi Number 1. 
Leading mobile entertainment strategist Ralph Simon whose presentation at the Second Conference was greeted with a standing ovation will be back also for the Conference this year.  Ralph Simon advises stars including Madonna, U2 and Lady Gaga on their mobile strategies. This reflects Simon’s status as one of the world’s top experts in mobile technology and the music business.
The panel of presenters will also be further enriched this year with the participation of Mobile DATA, Mobile Advertising, and Content & Products Head Hassan Shahid of Mobilink GSM Pakistan. Mobilink GSM Pakistan has more than 31.6 million subscribers.  
“The Conference, the biggest of its kind in the region brings together developers of next generation mobile content and applications, visionaries, researchers, academics, investors, policy makers and civil society activists. Internationally renowned experts will address the Conference sharing their experiences and vision on creativity and innovation, and their vision for the future,” ICTA CEO Reshan Dewapura says. 
ICTA says further that registration for the Conference is now on and the website for the online registration is www.southasiamobicon.org.
This article is carried in the Daily Mirror and Daily FT of 24 April 2012.

First ever ‘Nenasala’ ‘Arivakam’ wisdom outlet opened in Kilinochchi

Implementing  a concept of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the 615th ‘Nenasala’ Arivakam or wisdom outlet was declared open by Hambantota District MP Namal Rajapaksa in Kilinochchi on 20th July 2011.  Explaining the origin of the Nenasala concept ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) Chairman Prof.  P. W. Epasinghe  said: “The ‘Nenasala’ ‘Arivakam’ telecentre or wisdom outlet is a brainchild of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Under this Nenasala project  1000 ‘Nenasala’ ‘Arivakam’ wisdom outlets  will be set up island-wide to serve as the nerve centre  of ICT facilities in the relevant area”.
Elaborating  on the objectives of Nenasala, the ICTA Chairman, said that the objective of the Nenasala was to provide the optimal benefits of ICT to the community.  He noted that Nenasala must act as a resource centre to the community and that the services offered by the Nenasala were varied and adapted to the needs of the milieu. These include information on Government services and information for farmers and fishermen with regard to  livelihoods. They help the youth in the community to find employment opportunities and start self-employment etc.
The centre is located in the Kilinochchi town and therefore easily accessible to the public, ICTA Project Manager, Gavashkar Subramanium said reporting from the site. Giving further details Gavashkar said that this was the first ‘Nenasala’ or ‘Arivakam’ wisdom outlet in the Kilinochchi district and the 6th in the Northern Province and the 615th in the island. The centre will be managed and operated by Tharunyata Hetak, (Ilagnanarkalukkaana Naalai)  Youth Organisation. This Nenasala is fully equipped with personal computers, laser printer, scanner,  web camera and broadband internet connectivity provided on WiMAX technology.
Hambantota District MP Namal Rajapaksa operating a computer at the first ever (‘Nenasala’/’Arivakam’) ‘wisdom outlet’ telecentre. Cooperatives and Internal Trade Minister Johnston Fernando looks on.

Source : http://www.icta.lk/en/information-infrastructure/1065-first-ever-nenasala-arivakam-wisdom-outlet-opened-in-kilinochchi.html

First overseas 'Nenasala' launched in Abu Dhabi

he first 'Nenasala' - wisdom outlet was set up in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) recently.
The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) said that this Nenasala was set up at the UAE embassy in Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi.
A spokesman for ICTA said that this wisdom outlet was set up for the benefit of Sri Lankans in the UAE.
It enables them to communicate with relatives in Sri Lanka with greater ease and at minimum cost. Run by the staff and volunteers at the embassy 'Nenasala' pays special attention on imparting free training to expatriates to improve IT and English language skills.
According to embassy sources the number of Sri Lankans in the the UAE is more than 300,000. About 45 per +cent of them have white-collar jobs and the rest are employed in middle and lower-rung jobs.
Currently there are 665 'Nenasalas' under the project that implements the 1000 Nenasala concept of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The goal of the project is to take the computer to the village and make the benefits of ICT reach every citizen. Modern ICT facilities are available at these 'Nenasalas'.
The project is implemented by ICTA. A 'Nenasala' outlet or 'wisdom outlet' and is a centre providing multiple Information Communication Technology (ICT) based services to the community. It acts as a hub of local, national and global information resources that has a catalytic effect on rural communities in poverty reduction, social and economic development and peace building.

Source: http://www.slemb.org.om/press-release.php?id=63