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Hurikaduwa Nenasala: Serving my community...

Following is a blog posted by a successful Nenasala (woman) operator to 

Serving my community...

·         Posted by Mangalika Kumari Wijesundara on February 28, 2013 at 12:56am
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My name is Mangalika Kumari Wijesundara, age 26 and I am a resident of Menikhinna village; a rural village located in Kandy district Sri Lanka. I have successfully completed my advanced level studies from the St. Anthony’s Girls College, Kandy and followed diplomas and certificate courses in diverse fields such as English, journalism, photography, home gardening, beauty culture, agricultural training, vocational training, and business management. Added to the list I have successfully completed IT diploma in Computer operation, Computer Graphic designing, Computer video editing, Computer Hardware, Internet & E mail.

I joined Hurikaduwa Nenasala: (Telecentre in my village) on 25th June, 2008 and by that time there was no proper IT operator at the Hurikaduwa Nenasala. I had completed all the required qualifications to appoint as the Nenasala operator. As a newly appointed Nenasala operator, I handled all the IT training programs by that time and most of the courses were only for school students and kids. Gradually started IT courses for the young individuals who worked as teachers at the Dhamma School located at the temple premises. I could expand IT courses for a large number of students and Nenasala users including youth in the area. Among many IT programs, there were courses reserved for Buddhist monks, government and non-governmental staff members, etc. Further, I helped the Nenasala community development initiatives and she cooperated with number of initiatives: self-employment training camp, health camp, Blood donation campaign, religious activities, vocational training camps and agricultural workshops organized by the Nenasala. Today, my role as a Nenasala operator includes multiple tasks and responsibilities. I actively participate with Nenasala awareness raising campaigns, Nenasala community development initiatives, Nenasala IT training programs, etc. Also, I assist all the Nenasala users who daily visit Nenasala for various purposes such as communication, information search, IT training. Over the last 3 years of service, I have improved my out-going personality and maintain friendly attitudes towards the community in helping them out with their requirements.
Talking about my Contributions to Digital Literacy and Community Development, I can say that Before the implementation of Nenasala, Hurikaduwa remained as one of the least connected rural villages of the Central province where Computers and IT was considered as a luxury. Yet, over the past 3 years of time with Nenasala services, digital literacy rate of the village has being improved and remains in a stage of satisfactory. I, as the operator for Hurikaduwa Nenasala have immensely contributed and cooperated with Nenasala activities. During the early stage, Hurikaduwa Nenasala commenced their activities in village School level. Hurikaduwa Nenasala conducted awareness creation workshops in school level with the support received from the regional education department. I have conducted awareness creation session on Nenasala services and importance of ICT in day today life. I have given a great help to these campaigns and assisted the co-staff to carry out successful events. With the positive outcomes of the first phase activities, Hurikaduwa Nenasala conducted awareness campaigns for all the schools in the area and as a result, Nenasala could attract a large number of school students for Nenasala IT training classes. Most of the students are keen on participating to the IT training classes at Nenasala and they are interested in using internet and computers for their studies. I was able to deliver successful and interesting classes as she could retain the enthusiasm among the students to use ICT.

Today, Hurikaduwa Nenasala is a recognized IT institute in the area and I have played a leading role in achieving Nenasala objectives and delivering the dividends of ICT to every village and every citizen. I have planned Nenasala activities lined up for the next year include:

1. To form a “Nenasala Sansadaya” (Nenasala Society) to enhance and upgrade Nenasala services
2. To award IT scholarships to 100 students selected from the poor families in the village
3. To conduct IT training workshops for the employees in the government sector
4. To conduct Free IT seminars for the students in remote schools in the area
5. To Conduct workshops for the community in agriculture and self-employment opportunities
6. To conduct an IT exhibition in the end of the year

Nenasala Team Wishing you all the best & Good Luck ... !

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